What we do

Whitewolf understands the importance of the highest video production values, whether in commercials, online campaigns or branded content. We believe in the power of video to connect your business or your brand with your potential customers.

As makers of creative and engaging films, at Whitewolf we love telling stories and we want to help you tell your story to the people who want to hear it.

 There are three stages to our process.


It’s important that we get to know you and your business, so we begin with a conversation to find out more about you, about your ideas and ambitions, and about your plans for your video content. Our creative team then work up a treatment for the video, and we discuss and fine-tune their ideas with you until everyone is happy.


Our team of in-house producers, directors and cameramen now make the concept a reality. We stay in touch throughout the entire production process so any last-minute concerns or thoughts can be accommodated. Once the video has been shot, our editors and colour-graders step in and work with you and the director to perfect the finished product.


We don’t just hand you a DVD of the film and walk away. We make sure that we understand where and when you will be using your video, and we provide you with the best quality and most suitable format for your purpose. We can also offer advice on devising distribution strategies to get both your video and your business noticed.

As well as working on the whole project we can help with any aspect of video production. Click on the button below to get an idea of some of the other services we offer.

Other production services