Heathrow Campaign



(20 Sec spot for wide termianl 2 tower screen)

Commissioned by Saatchi & Saatchi Pro to produce moving image work to complement Heathrow’s summer print campaign.

We were asked to produce a 20 second spot that would be shown on the 20 meter wide ‘Transvision’ screen in London’s Waterloo train station as well as a 30 second spot that would be aired on ‘Cabvision’, the screens in the back of London’s black cabs. This version would also go live on Heathrow’s social media channels and as an advert on YouTube.

Due to the success of the campaign we were asked to reformat the piece so it could be shown on the large screens in Heathrow’s terminals 2 and 5. Both of which had different dimensions.

>Due to the practical impossibility of shooting live in the UK’s busiest airport we had to shoot background plates in the airport and the live action in a green screen studio and then comp the images in post.