Cowbell – Damaged Goods


We started working with the band Cowbell way back before they were signed producing a no-budget video for the track ‘Never Satisfied’. This is a stylised one camera multi take performance video. In the edit we used fast paced cuts to to give the visuals the same urgency as the music.

For the band’s second single ‘Hanging by a Thread’ we worked closely with the band to produce a video that told a quirky love story with a twist whilst still including a performance from the band.

Now freshly signed to Damaged Goods Records and having already made two videos featuring the band, Cowbell asked us to try something different with their single ‘Tallulah’. Still on a very low budget we had a lot of diy film fun getting some of the shots including strapping our DOP into a tiny row boat, a cherry picker and onto the back of a quad bike…