Andrea Bocelli – Si

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Si (Album Campaign)

We’ve been steadily working away for the last few months on various visual tools and assets for Andrea Bocelli’s latest album, Si. From back story teasers to lyric videos to TV commercials and more yet to be released.

It’s been great fun being involved and all the hard work has paid off, the album went straight into the UK charts at Number 1, the first Classical album to do this for 21 years!

Not only that, but it also went straight to the top of the US charts as well!

A huge congratulations to Andrea but also to everyone at Decca Records for scoring their first UK/US double whammy!

And just to give ourselves a little pat on the back as well, this marks the 4th Number 1 album campaign that we have been heavily involved in.

We created a number of different versions of the TV spots including numerous different cut downs as well as bespoke square and portrait versions for online use. The spots were broadcast on TV internationally and even made it onto the giant screen at the O2 arena when Andrea played there at the end of October.

The first of the 30 second spots can be seen below and watch this space for a fresh take on music advertising on TV coming soon…

(Main 30 Sec TV ad.)